A Brief History of New York City Taxi Cabs (6 Photos)

By | September 15, 2016

An early electric hansom taxicab on a New York City street, circa 1900. The first taxicab company in NYC began operating 12 electric hansom cabs in July 1897 — a time when horse-drawn carriages was the norm.

A New York City yellow cab in 1929. By the 1920s, as demand for autos boomed. Automobile manufacturers like General Motors and the Ford Motor Company began operating fleets of cabs.

Nicknamed the "Sunshine" cab, taxis with a European-style sun roof were put into service in New York, June 19, 1936. The new fleet was the largest single order for new taxicabs in history.

The new model taxicab from Chevrolet, New York City, May 17, 1950.

The signature yellow livery became law in 1967 when the city ordered that all licensed "medallion taxis" be painted the same color, in order to cut down on unofficial drivers and make the cabs more recognizable

The Checker Cab, used between 1956 and 1982, became one of the most recognizable symbols of mid-20th century urban life.

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