24 Old Photos Of Detroit That Will Take You Back In Time

By | May 27, 2016

For the last 60 years, Detroit has lost its steam and almost 70% of its population, and remains a mere shadow of its former glory for the most part of the 21st century.

But forget the slums, urban graveyards, and high crime rates for now and let's take a quick look back to the days when Detroit's was considered the Silicon Valley of America.

These 24 wonderful vintage photographs will take you there. Enjoy!
Welcome to Detroit

vintage detroit 24


Detroit’s Michigan Central Station, built in 1903 and was one of the largest rail stations in the country.

vintage detroit 2


Detroit’s Belle Isle, 1905

vintage detroit 1

Coleman Family

Detroit, circa 1915

vintage detroit 3

The Woodward Spine

Ford’s Highland Park plant, 1914
Ford's Highland Park Plant, Known As The 'Crystal Pala

Hemmings Daily

Detroit, 1917

vintage detroit 5

Coleman Family

A Liberty Bond rally in Detroit that took place around 1918.

vintage detroit 6


A glimpse of the interior of Detroit’s First Congregational Church, 1918.

vintage detroit 7

Organ Society

Detroit’s bustling city streets, 1920.

vintage detroit 8


A quaint Polish-American grocery store, 1922.

vintage detroit 9


The Ford River Rouge Complex

vintage detroit 10

Tropics of Meta

Olympia Stadium (eventually known as the home of the Detroit Red Wings) was built in 1927.

vintage detroit 11


Boats float along the water outside of Detroit, 1930.

vintage detroit 12

Coleman Family

After WWI, Detroit was home to some of the most innovative and cutting-edge industries.

vintage detroit 13

Permanent Crisis

Circa 1936

vintage detroit 14

NY Daily News

Men walk in a Labor Day parade, 1938

vintage detroit 15

Rivet Head

Deep snow makes driving in Detroit impossible.

vintage detroit 16

Metro Times

An aerial view of Detroit, 1940s.

vintage detroit 17

The Detroit News Archivist

Children run through Pingree Park. Hazen S. Pingree was a local politician who expanded public welfare programs, creating many new parks and schools.

vintage detroit 18

Detroit Metro Times

During WWII, many wartime factories were located in Detroit.

vintage detroit 19


28-ton tanks called “General Grants” were mass produced by the Chrysler Corporation’s tank arsenal in 1942.

vintage detroit 20

Vintage Everyday

In 1945, gasoline in Detroit cost just 17 cents a gallon.

vintage detroit 21

Vintage Everyday

Employees work on cars at Detroit’s Packard Motor Car Company.

vintage detroit 22


A peek at the 1960 National Auto Show held at Cobo Hall.

Auto Show See Touch Smell

Huffington Post

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