Pastor Stops Wedding, Leaves Bride in Tears

By | July 21, 2022

The Dream

When people imagine their wedding day, they imagine a hall full of smiling people, happy for them as they mark this new chapter of their lives. They imagine their partner looking up at them with so much love, happiness, and anticipation to spend the rest of their lives together. Never in their wildest dreams do they imagine a scenario where their wedding will have to stop halfway as they cry their eyes out in pain and disappointment.

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Photo: Pexels

Unfortunately, this is how our bride's story begins. Ashley was so happy that her dream wedding was coming to reality. She couldn't believe that a person, her dream man, was standing beside her on the altar, ready to tie the knots. Until the pastor motioned her forward and ruined everything. 


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Photo: Pexels/Louis Quintero

Ashley was well dressed and looked gorgeous. She gave a stir at her soon-to-be husband "Will" and gave him an amazing smile but he never looked in her direction, neither did he gaze or give back the smile which made Ashley wonder what could have happened.