26 Photos Show a Different Side to History Than You May Already Know

Historical Photos | March 25, 2020

Men stand with the giant chain links that were hand-forged for the Titanic’s Hingley anchor. At that time, the Titanic had the largest anchor ever built.

Source: Reddit

Did you know that the Titanic boasted the largest anchor ever built when it set sail in 1912? In order to hold the 15-ton anchor, an incredibly large chain was needed. Enter the Hingley & Sons forging company of Dudley, England. The workers at Hingley’s foundry had to form each link of the anchor chain from pig-iron that was shaped in an oval. The two ends would then be heated and hammered together by the workers, who called themselves the “chain gang.” The links were then tested in a hydraulic pulling bed to make sure the fused ends were strong enough to do their job without breaking. It was hot, heavy, dangerous work but the men of Hingley’s chain gang were the best in the business. 

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