15 Photos That Show The Stark Difference Between Iraq’s Past And Present

By | August 20, 2015

Last year, the ISIS militants terrorized Iraq. They captured Mosul, the country’s second largest city, persecuting people and forcing others to flee.

Mosul has become a sad symbol of hardship and terror people in the city face living under the Islamic State.

To get some ideas what it was like during the city’s more peaceful time, before the ISIS took over, here are 15 photos from the Associated Press that show a world of difference between Iraq’s past and present:


Library of Congress/AP

A lorry on the road to Mosul, northern Iraq, 1932.


Library of Congress/AP

Islamic State parade in an armored vehicle in the northern city of Mosul, Iraq, June 23, 2014


AP Photo

An image of Lady Surrma of the Assyrian community posing for a portrait in Mosul, 1932


Library of Congress/AP

A shop display in Mosul after the ISIS ordered shop owners to cover the faces of mannequins, July 21, 2014


AP Photo

The Tigris River as seen from Mosul, 1932


Library of Congress/AP

Smoke rising during airstrikes targeting ISIS militants at the Mosul Dam, August 18, 2014


AP Photo

The tomb of Jonah, the prophet, in Mosul, 1932


Library of Congress/AP

The revered Muslim shrine destroyed by the ISIS militants who captured the city and imposed harsh interpretation of Islamic law, July 24, 2014


AP Photo

The main street of Mosul, 1932


Library of Congress/AP

The main street of Mosul, 2014


AP Photo

A shoe market in Mosul, northern Iraq, 1932


Library of Congress/AP

A man walking in a market with several of empty shops, nearly a month after ISIS militants overran the city, July 7, 2014


AP Photo

A busy market in Mosul, 1932


Library of Congress/AP

Pro-Islamic State demonstrators in Mosul, June 16, 2014


AP Photo

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