Powerful And Entertaining Historical Photos From The Past

By | May 2, 2018

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (on the left) around 1915, who later became known as Mother Teresa.

Collected here are photos of stunning architecture, fascinating archaeological finds, and landmark moments for major brands. Flip through the pages of history and you’ll find it is brimming with beautiful bursts of artistic genius, influential innovators, and revolutionary peacemakers... with unsettling slices thrown in every so often. 

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Pictured here is Mother Teresa, or Saint Teresa of Calcutta back in 1915. It was in 1950 that Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity which is a Roman Catholic religious congregation consisted of over 4,500 sisters and was active in 133 countries in 2012. They manage soup kitchens, orphanages, and counseling programs for children and families. They oversee homes for those suffering from critical illnesses.

Teresa was widely admired for her charitable work and received numerous honors, including the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize (1962) and a Nobel Peace Prize (1979). She was canonized on September 4, 2016.

600-year-old clock in the city of Prague is the World's oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

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The Orloj is a 600-year-old clock mounted on the southern wall of Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square in the city of Prague. It is the World's oldest astronomical clock still in operation. The clock mechanism itself has three main components and statues of various Catholic saints on either side and a skeleton figure (representing death) strikes the time. It features a calendar dial with medallions representing the months and an astronomical dial and zodiac ring.

According to local legend, “Once the Old Town Astronomical Clock stops running for a long time the Czech nation will suffer bad times and the skeleton was supposed to confirm this fact by nodding his head.”

The lore goes on to state the only sign of hope would be the birth of a boy on the New Year´s night. Once the clock sets back in, the boy is allegedly supposed to “run out of the Týn Church across the whole square to the town hall. He has to run very fast to arrive before the last strike of the clock. If he makes it he will quit the skeleton´s evil power and avert all the evil.”