Rare Discoveries Show A Different Side To History Than We Already Know

By Sophia Maddox | July 19, 2023

This diving suit from 1882 is cool but not practical

Forget what you learned in the history books. More often than not they only tell one side of a story filled with nuance. The rare discoveries that have been collected here show a side of history that we rarely get to see. They peel back the layers of stories that we think we know to expose little known facts that make history all the more fascinating. If you are ready to see a different side to history than you already know, then click ahead...the truth awaits!

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Diving has come a long way since the Victorian era when people finally started exploring the deep with sophisticated forms of technology that allowed researchers to go farther than they’d ever done it before. This design from 1882 was built by the Carmagnolle brothers of Marseilles, France. The suit provided more movement than anything that came before it with its 22 joints. On top of that, the helmet had 25 individual 2-inch glass viewing ports which were spaced out at the same distance of the human eye. Unfortunately the suit weighed just over 800 pounds and it was never able to be submerged without taking on a lot of water. 

A quirky bat lantern from 1930 is the erfect thing for Halloween

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There’s something quirky and cute about this bat lamp from the 1930s. Made of cast iron and in the shape of a bat, it’s perfect for Halloween or just for anyone who likes to stay spooky the entire year around. In the modern era we tend to throw decorations away at the end of the season and then buy new ones whenever the next year comes around, but in the 1930s families either made their own decorations or purchased something like this that they could keep around forever. It’s clear that this bat is good to fly even today, they sure don’t make them like they used to.