Rare Discoveries Show A Different Side To History Than We Already Know 


Here's a tree growing through an abandoned piano, or is it?

Forget what you learned in the history books. More often than not they only tell one side of a story filled with nuance. The rare discoveries that have been collected here show a side of history that we rarely get to see. They peel back the layers of stories that we think we know to expose little known facts that make history all the more fascinating. If you are ready to see a different side to history than you already know, then click ahead...the truth awaits!
Source: Pinterest

This piano tree has long boggled the minds of viewers. Did someone drop off a piano in the middle of the woods and let a tree crack through it? Or was the piano simply sawed in half and placed around the tree to make it look all the more strange? The tree can be found in the woods near California State University, Monterey Bay which is actually a hint to its creation. A college student named Jeff supposedly placed the piano around the tree which must have taken a lot of work. Unfortunately the piano is no longer situated around the tree.