Rare Discoveries Show A Different Side To History Than You Already Know 

By Sophia Maddox | July 6, 2023

A CT scan of a 1,000 year old Buddha statue reveals the remains of a mummified monk

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

In 2015, researchers in the Netherlands performing a CT scan on a statue of a sitting Buddha found the last thing they were expecting once they got a look inside. The statue contained a monk that had been mummified for 1,000 years. Rather than simply placing the monk inside the statue, researchers discovered that the monk was filled with scraps of paper covered in Chinese characters. In order to mummify oneself a monk would take on a special diet of poisonous tea in order to ensure that the body would be too toxic to be consumed by maggots. It’s rare that a monk could accomplish such a feat, but the few who pulled it off were revered within the community. 

Legendary whiskey distiller Jack Daniel died from kicking his safe after forgetting the combination

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Source: Pinterest

What a way to go. On October 9, 1911 in Lynchburg, Tennessee a titan of the American liquor industry was taken down by his own safe. This safe didn’t fall on him and he didn’t try to detonate with dynamite that backfired, instead he was trying to take care of some paperwork that was left inside the safe. Without the combination Daniel started kicking it, which of course didn’t do anything but leave him with a nasty infection on his big toe. The infection turned gangrenous and spread throughout his body, and luckily he had time to turn over his business to his favorite nephew Lem Motlow before he passed away from complications due to his infection.