Rare Glimpses of Brigitte Bardot Make It Hard To Look Away

By Sophia Maddox | October 13, 2023

Who was Brigitte Bardot?

Brigitte Ann-Marie Bardot has been so many things in her lifetime. A sex symbol, a fashion icon, and eventually an animal rights activist. The French actress, singer, and model often referred to by her initials, B.B., shocked the world when she walked away from her career at just 39-years old.

This early retirement may have been prompted by her exhaustion and a desire to focus on animal rights, but it also immortalized her former image. Her onscreen presence is now encased in amber, a separate lifetime from the one in which she exists now.

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Brigitte Ann-Marie Bardot, love interest extraordinaire of the '50s and '60s, gained her reputation from appearing in racy European films and leading a defiantly liberated lifestyle. Bardot at the height of her powers was the French siren no man could resist. The public image of Bardot, those photos and posters that have been printed endlessly, represent a role she played to perfection, but there's more to her story. In addition to being a model, movie star, and fashion icon, she's also a successful author and an animal rights activist.

Brigitte Bardot distributes gifts to technicians present on the set of a film, in France on December 21, 1957.

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In the 1950s, Brigitte Bardot was the queen of European cinema, a movie star so in demand that directors were clamoring to work with her. But despite her A-list status, Bardot was never one to let the fame go to her head. No, she was a true professional, always taking care of the film crews she worked with and making sure they felt appreciated and valued. She was the epitome of grace and humility, and her co-workers couldn't help but adore her. Whether she was charming the camera or cracking jokes on set, Bardot always brought a sense of fun and lightheartedness to the set, making her the life of the party. And even though she was one of the biggest stars of the era, she never lost sight of what was truly important: the people she worked with and the art they were creating together.