Rare Moments In Time Never To Be Forgotten

By Jacob Shelton

Claudia Cardinale, 1967.

The way that time makes our memory hazy can't be fought, it's the natural progression of life, but thanks to these rare photos from the groovy era there are at least a few moments that will remain crystal clear. Each story and image collected here will stay with us forever.

Some of the most important moments in history happened during the groovy era, and thanks to the following snapshots we'll never forget them. However, many of these photos aren't exactly what they seem.

Look closer... each of these photos contains a story within a story. Sometimes the stories are just waiting to be told, and other times they were nearly lost to history. These images are the key to going back... to finding those lost moments that we can keep with us forever.

Source: Reddit

Who is she? She can't just be some woman on the street, she's clearly a star. Claudia Cardinale may not have been the cat's pajamas of the American film industry, but she definitely made waves in Fellini's 8 1/2 as well as Girl with a Suitcase. If you've looked into Italian cinema you know exactly who this gorgeous gal is.

Cardinale actually cracked the U.S. in the '60s thanks to her role in The Pink Panther (a British production that put her on the map for the English speaking parts of the west), and she went on to star in genre pictures like Once Upon a Time in the West, a film that's become a staple of Sunday afternoon viewings since its release in 1968.