Rare Photos from the 1980s

By | March 20, 2020

You may think you know the ‘80s… but this collection of never before seen photos will surely change your mind.  These rare photos from the 1980s capture a lot more than we expected!

We are warning you, these photos are not suitable for all eyes.  Unedited photos of Phoebe Cates, Demi Moore, Farrah Fawcett, and Jamie Lee Curtis...need we say more?  

Prepare yourself to get lost in 58 nostalgic photos, and the never before told stories of the most alluring icons from the 1980s…try not to gasp!

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Source: Reddit

Before she was a red bathing suit wearing life guard with a penchant for running in slow motion down the beach Pamela Anderson was just a lucky young sports fan. Her first modeling gig for LaBatt Blue was snagged after she was seen on the big screen at a football game wearing a shirt for the beer company. She explained:

The cameraman zoomed in on me and everyone screamed and yelled, so they brought me down to the 50-yard line. I was wearing a Labatt Blue T-shirt, and Labatt ended up giving me a commercial.

You can't make this kind of thing up.

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Source: Reddit

The 1980s were a whirlwind for Demi Moore. After getting into acting through her early modeling she quickly rose from the low tier TV movies in which she was immediately offered to the height of the Brat Pack, a cadre of young movie stars in the 1980s. Even though her life was a bit of a soap opera, she told The Guardian that she never wanted to give it up:

Once you've tasted a bit of success, it's more challenging. We have to continue to be willing to take a risk so that we don't get too safe. Unwillingness to risk failure is always there, but it gets harder when you feel you have more to lose. So the better place to keep yourself in is out of your comfort zone, willing to try even at the risk of failing. And that's not natural to me at all.