Rare Photos From The 2000s No One Talks About

By Sophia Maddox | October 25, 2023

A young Brittany Murphy cheeses for the camera

The aughts were a decade where everything happened at once. A clash of styles occurred as civilization moved into the new millennium, while many people looked forward to a new era, others drew inspiration from the past.

These rarely-seen snapshots from the 2000s show the enthusiasm and excitement that came with greeting a new decade, even if everyone was unsure of what exactly was going to happen. The excitement and sensuality of the decade spills over from each photo, so make sure you have plenty of time to spend on each shot.

If you’re ready to have your concept of the 2000s challenged then start scrolling through these fascinating photos from the first decade of the new millennium.

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Seeing the adorable face of Brittany Murphy from the ‘90s really makes you think about what happened to her in the 2000s. She was riding high on the success of Clueless, Riding In Cars With Boys, and 8 Mile, but as the 2000s wore on her career dipped.

It’s not that she stopped working, it was the opposite. Murphy appeared in at least one movie a year until she passed away in 2009 from a combination of pneumonia and anemia and a toxic cocktail of prescription drugs.

The loss of Murphy was a huge hit not only to Hollywood, but to movie lovers everywhere.

Lebron James at Monday Night Raw, 2003

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Two things exploded in the 2000s, Lebron James and professional wrestling. Sure, wrestling’s popularity comes in waves but after slowing down a bit in the late ‘90s it made a come back in the early 2000s. One of wrestling’s biggest fans is none other than Lebron James, an inarguable giant in the world of basketball.

James is such a big fan of wrestling that he’s posed with a championship belt, released a pair of Nikes that were inspired by Ric Flair’s robes, and actually reached out to the Nature Boy to let him know that he’s the “inventor of swag.”