Rare Photos Will Make You Question Everything You Think You Know About History

By | September 10, 2020

The older we get the more we realize that the version of history that we think we know is all wrong. Look closer at this rare photographs from history and you'll see a different side to some of history's most well known stories, and you'll even discover facts about history that you won't find in a textbook.

This gallery of stunning photos that you've never seen captures some of the most important moments from history that you never knew about, and it turns a few well known stories completely on their heads.

⚡ Not all of the following stories have a happy ending, and some of them will shock you to the core. But they're all important pieces of history that beg you to look closer and show you a different side to history than you already know. ⚡

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Monroe didn't like to be photographed without makeup, so very few "normal" photos of her exist. She wasn't just suffering from body dysmorphia and depression, she felt ugly on the inside and couldn't stand the thought of anyone seeing the real her.

We all know that she was naturally gorgeous, there's no arguing that. But as her career gained steam her insecurities bubbled up beyond the booze and the pills that she used to drown out her demons until she couldn't repress the pain anymore

Monroe was found dead in her Los Angeles home on August 5, 1962. Her maid discovered her face down and nude in her bed, a telephone in one hand and prescription medication strewn around the carpet. There are numerous conspiracy theories behind the actress' death, but it's most likely that she overdosed in the nadir of depression.

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Poon Lim, a young Chinese sailor, was working as a steward on a British ship during World War II that was en route from Cape Town to Surinam. 750 miles east of the Amazon the ship was intercepted by the Germans and was sank by a pair of torpedoes. Lim was the only survivor on board...two hours after the attack he hopped on an eight-foot square wooden raft and climbed onto it.

Luckily, the raft was already stocked with fresh water, biscuits, a flashlight, flares, and even some chocolate. He expected to be on board for a month, he spent 133 days onboard even after he came in contact with a freighter, U.S. Navy Patrol and another German U-boat. Even though he was ignored by a multiple groups of people he decided that he would survive regardless of the situation.

Lim used his biscuits to catch fish, he swam to work out, and he used the canvas from his life vest to save rain water for drinking. When there was no rain water to drink he trapped seagulls and drank their blood. After catching a shark with fish remains the animal made its way on board where Lim had to bash its head in with a water jug.

After 133 days at sea he was discovered by three Brazilian fishermen discovered the raft. He spent four weeks in the hospital, and to this day no one has beaten his record of spending time at sea on a raft. Before Lim's death he said, “I hope no one will have to break it.”