Rare Vintage Photos Provoke A Hard Sense Of Nostalgia

By | July 2, 2020

The following photos show some of the most amazing moments from history, many of them will make you think, and a few of them are definitely too hot for young eyes. Which photos are we talking about? That’s up to you…

These snapshots show moments of societal change, but they also show people taking it easy and spending time with their loved ones. Something that sounds pretty nice right about now.

Each shot shows a different take on history that what you already know, showing the nuance in a well known story that only a rare photo can. Take a long look at these photos, we know you’re going to like what you see… 

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It’s hard to imagine anyone else other than the extremely wholesome Dawn Wells playing Mary Ann, but during the casting process of Gilligan’s Island none other than the very fiery Raquel Welch was brought in for the part.

Welch was brought in after producers decided to change one of the characters from a secretary to a farm girl, and who better to give off sexy farm girl vibes than Raquel Welch?

The thing is, Welch doesn’t exactly have the “girl next door” appeal that producers were looking for in the role, so they sent her on her way. What could have been...

The 12 Russian snipers responsible for the deaths of 775 German soldiers during World War II, 1945 ☠️

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During World War II, Russia was one of the few countries who actually had women going into battle and carrying out some of the more dangerous missions. These young women specifically targeted the Nazis and they didn’t let anyone get in their way.

Over 2,000 women were trained as sharpshooters by the Soviet Army, and they were all sent into some of the most dangerous parts of Europe to help take out the Germans.

Following the war, sharpshooter Lyudmila “Lady Death” Pavlichenko said of her job, “We mowed down Hitlerites like ripe grain.” Pavlichenko was pulled from field duty after a blast of shrapnel hit her in the face, but in a single year of service she took out 309 German soldiers, including 36 enemy snipers.