Rare Vintage Photos Provoke A Hard Sense Of Nostalgia 

By | September 14, 2020

The following photos show some of the most amazing moments from history, many of them will make you think, and a few of them will make your jaw drop and lean in to look closer. Which photos are we talking about? That’s up to you…

These snapshots show moments of societal change, but they also show people taking it easy and spending time with their loved ones. Something that sounds pretty nice right about now.

Each shot shows a different take on history that what you already know, showing the nuance in a well known story that only a rare photo can. Take a long look at these photos, we know you’re going to like what you see… 

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Charles Bronson is easily one of the most manly men who ever graced the silver screen. People talk about Chuck Norris, but the real heads know that it’s Charles Bronson who sits at the head of the tough guy table.

As tough as he was, Bronson was also a total sweetheart. After he married English bombshell Jill Ireland he made sure that she was at his side on as many of his films as possible. After the duo started having kids he continued bringing his family everywhere with him, often piling them in an RV and driving to the film location.

While Bronson wasn’t a man of many words, he clearly loved Ireland which is something that feels so refreshing in this day and age. Sadly, Ireland passed away from breast cancer in 1990 at the home she and Bronson shared in Malibu.

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In the 1960s, Burger King came onto the fast food scene with an ad campaign that pronounced them as “delightfully different.” They offered a dining experience where there were no waiters, and there was no drive-in. At the time this was a new way to do burgers and fries.

Other fast food joints at the time were still offering meals in a drive-in setting, if the family was going to sit down anywhere it would be in an actual restaurant. The King created a median experience, one that we often take for granted.

With its flame-broiled Whopper and big shakes, Burger King pushed fast food culture into the late 20th century.