Rarely Seen Photographs Captured More Than You Already Know

Colorized historical photos | August 19, 2020

Look closer, the sign reads: WEAR A MASK OR GO TO JAIL. Spanish flu, California 1918... 😷

source: reddit

In 1918, a horrific pandemic spread across the world. It affected the respiratory functions of everyone who caught it and could be spread through particles in the air - no one was safe. Sound familiar?

This colorized photo looks as if it could be taken today, from the masks down to the shoes - maybe not the hats. As frightening as these uncertain times can be, it’s comforting to know that our ancestors have been through it all before and survived. If they could do it then we can do it to.

During the pandemic of 1918 and 1919 people were asked to wear masks and keep away from one another as it was the only way to insure safety. That being said, there were plenty of people who ignored this rule - some of them even ended up in prison.

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