Rarely Seen Photos Capture A Darker Side To Nature

By | October 19, 2020

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If you're in North America then you definitely run the risk of coming across a grizzly bear, and as cute as they are they can turn you into mince meat within moments. Standing around 7 ft tall and weighing around a ton, the most ferocious fact about them is that they have a bite force with 1,200 pounds per square inch - meaning that they can bite through pretty much anything that gets in their way, be it a bowling ball or your bones.

As amazing as this is it's not great news for you if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by bears, that's probably not going to happen though.

However, if you do come face to face with a bear the best move is stand your ground and avoid making eye contact. Stay quiet and walk away slowly.

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This shot of a lighthouse absolutely being walloped by the force of Mother Nature may look like a still from a film, but this is far from CGI, it's the real deal. The light house is on a rock called La Jument off the coast of the sand of Ushant in France, and in 1989 it faced a massive storm.

Taken on December 21, 1989, this photo shows what happens after a low pressure front comes down from Ireland. The gale force winds caused waves that reached heights of nearly 100 feet that smashed through the lighthouse's lower windows and ripped the front door down, washing away the furniture.

The lighthouse keeper, Théodore Malgorn, had to stay safe in the lantern room until he could be saved.