Rarely Seen Photos Capture A Darker Side To Nature


Grizzly bears can weigh 1,500 pounds and their bite will easily break a bowling ball 🎳

⚠️ Viewer discretion is advised ⚠️

This rarely seen nature collection is not suitable for all eyes.

The world outside of the city can't be tamed, but it can be photographed, and these shots capture some of the most destructive and amazing moments of the last one hundred years. As amazing as nature can be... it has a dark side as well.

Look closely at the following unedited photos, they promise to horrify, delight, and show the chilling truth about Mother Earth. Viewer discretion is advised, some of these photos may not be suitable for all audiences.

😈 Click ahead to discover the darker side to nature...these chilling photos are for mature audiences only 😈

source: pinterest

If you're in North America then you definitely run the risk of coming across a grizzly bear, and as cute as they are they can turn you into mince meat within moments. Standing around 7 ft tall and weighing around a ton, the most ferocious fact about them is that they have a bite force with 1,200 pounds per square inch - meaning that they can bite through pretty much anything that gets in their way, be it a bowling ball or your bones.

As amazing as this is it's not great news for you if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by bears, that's probably not going to happen though.

However, if you do come face to face with a bear the best move is stand your ground and avoid making eye contact. Stay quiet and walk away slowly.