Rarely Seen Photos Show A Darker Side To History

By | February 27, 2023

Elvis Presley and Mary Selph riding on his 1971 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra-Glide motorcycle in Memphis, 1972

History may be full of wonderful and exciting moments, but the following photos show just how dark the past can be. Even the most beautiful of these rare photos from the past contains something eerie if you look close enough.

You won't find these dark images or their stories in history books. As chilling as these photos are if you fully take them in you'll see a silver lining in their darkness. These recently uncovered photos will not only shock you, they'll provide insight into some of our darkest times. You'll see what life was really like in some of the lowest times in history which can really put today in perspective...

Each one of these eerie photos from the past shows a dark side to history, but they also show just how much better off we are today.

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Elvis was in a bad way in 1972. At the time he was deep into the drugged out phase that led him to meeting with Richard Nixon in attempt to be deputized into the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous drugs (seriously) and turning his home into a kind of private getaway/surveillance state. As beloved as The King is, his final days in the 1970s definitely aren't his best.

At the time Presley was known for riding around Memphis in one of his many prized vehicles, be it a motorcycle or a car, but he was also busy taking karate lessons. Sadly, his health deteriorated rapidly the following year and he spent three days in a coma in 1973. Even so, he never really stopped performing.

A CIA case officer is photographed at a dead drop location in Moscow, 1962

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For a spy to be caught in the act is one of the most harrowing things that can occur. During the Cold War the American and Soviet militaries were carrying out increasingly detailed forms of espionage that often centered on the dead drop. To carry out this brand of spycraft an agent would drop an item in a trash can or somewhere within the public eye where it could be easily retrieved by another agent.

The biggest problem with the dead drop is that an agent could be picked up the moment they dropped their item. They could also be photographed in the act which is almost worse than being picked up in the moment. This photo shows just how dangerous it was to be a spy during the Cold War.