Rarely Seen Photos Show A Darker Side To History

By | March 10, 2023

Cesar Romero doing his makeup as 'The Joker' on the set of TV series Batman (1967)

History may be full of wonderful and exciting moments, but the following photos show just how dark the past can be. Even the most beautiful of these rare photos from the past contains something eerie if you look close enough.

You won't find these dark images or their stories in history books. As chilling as these photos are if you fully take them in you'll see a silver lining in their darkness. These recently uncovered photos will not only shock you, they'll provide insight into some of our darkest times. You'll see what life was really like in some of the lowest times in history which can really put today in perspective...

Each one of these eerie photos from the past shows a dark side to history, but they also show just how much better off we are today.

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For many, Cesar Romero will always be the ideal version of the Joker. He took the role on the 1960s version of the Batman series on the one condition that he wouldn't have to shave his mustache, which is why the character's face always had an interesting kind of makeup. Even though he was behind the beloved character and he had his way in the contract, Romero always knew his role.

While speaking about Batman in the 1960s, Romero explained that as much fun as he has being a bad guy he knows that the series isn't all about him:

It's a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun doing this show, and we had a lot of fun making the movie. It's a part that you can do everything that you've always been told not to do as an actor. In other words, you can get as hammy as you like and go all out. It's great fun, I enjoy it.

Erika Eleniak on the set of Baywatch

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Known for her roles in E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and Baywatch, Erika Eleniak had a rough go of it during her heyday in Hollywood. The star admits that when she had to act in a bathing suit all day she fostered an eating disorder as well as an addiction to laxatives. Things were so bad that she was hospitalized for abusing the product.

Eleniak says that leaving Baywatch was one of the best decisions she ever made, specifically because she was less worried about her on-camera weight during production. She later said:

My exit was Pamela Anderson’s entrance. I feel like she made the show. And I know they were thrilled to have her. So it just worked out really well.