Rarely Seen Photos That Reveal A Different Side To The 90s

By | February 22, 2023

The final decade of the millennium was an era of change. Generation X had taken the societal reigns from the Baby Boomers and letting their hair down. Fashion was taking a turn for the flannel, and young people were beginning to look for new ways to have a good time.

These snapshots of the 90s show that the decade was full of a kaleidoscopic mix of culture, fashion, and music that made it an unforgettable era to live in - when Anna Nicole Smith was legitimate celebrity and when Johnny Depp was still considered an independent film star.

It’s important to use these pictures from the 90s to take your preconceived notions of the decade and turn them on their head. That’s the coolest part about taking a deep dive into the past… you never know what you’ll find on the other side.

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Born in Worcestershire, England in 1994, Styles grew up in a village of about 5,000 people that’s been described as “picturesque” but “quite boring.” Much of his early home life was easy, he hung out with his big sister and played on the empty hills surrounding his town but when his parents divorced when he was seven he was dealt an unexpected emotional blow.

Even with the emotional weight of his parents splitting up sitting on his young shoulders he still found time to be creative. He performed in school plays and listened to classic rock like Elvis and the Beatles. He even got into recording at a young age by using a karaoke machine that was given to him by his grandfather as a makeshift two track.

It’s clear that even as a boy Harry Styles was preparing himself for super stardom.

Brooke Shields with her longtime pal Michael Jackson

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These two stars may seem like an unlikely pair, but the similarities surrounding their rise to fame are uncanny. Both child stars who went onto fame as an adult, both stars uniquely understood the cost of becoming a sensation at a young age. After meeting in 1978 the two young celebrities immediately became close. Shields explained:

We had a bond... both of us needed to be adults very early. It was the most natural and easiest of friendships... Michael always knew he could count on me to support him or be his date and that we would have fun no matter where we were.

In 1993 rumors circulated that the two were dating, and Shields later said that Jackson had asked her to marry him multiple times but she always turned him down. In 2001 Jackson explained the magical circumstances under which he met Brooke Shields:

She was one of the loves of my life... her pictures were all over my wall, my mirror, everything. and I went to the Academy Awards and this girl walks up to me and says ‘Hi, I'm Brooke Shields.' Then she goes, ‘Are you going to the after-party?' I go, 'yeah.' ‘Good, I'll see you at the party.' I'm going, 'oh my god, does she know she's all over my room?' so we go to the after-party. She comes up to me she goes, 'will you dance with me?' I went, 'yes. I will dance with you.' man, we exchanged numbers and I was up all night, singing, spinning around my room, just so happy. It was great.