Rarely Seen Photos That Reveal A Different Side To The 90s

By Sophia Maddox | December 18, 2023

Claudia Schiffer by Ellen von Unwerth Guess Campaign 1991

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source: Guess

It’s hard to imagine now, but in the early ‘90s no one was quite sure who Claudia Schiffer was. Sure, she was a super hot model, but she wasn’t a super model until she was photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth. Schiffer’s raw talent was captured by Unwerth for this Guess campaign that’s both sexy and stylish.

Unwerth had a way about her that allowed her to help her models put their guards down when the camera was up. She knew that by making models feel empowered she could get the sexiest image of them. She told Harper’s Bazaar:

The women in my pictures are always strong, even if they are also sexy. My women always look self-assured. I try to make them look as beautiful as they can because every woman wants to feel beautiful, sexy and powerful. That’s what I try to do.

A breathtaking photo of Angelina Jolie taken in 1998.

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source: People

In the early ‘90s Angelina Jolie was essentially a cult star. A beautiful young actress with enticing eyes and a million dollar smile, she played tough chicks in b-movies and a hot hacker in her first blockbuster role, but it was her starring role in Gia that earned her a Golden Globe and established her as a star to watch.

Following her win for Gia she was profiled in People Magazine and photographed by the great Greg Holzer. He later said that during the shoot Angelina was captivating and exciting, that she was down for anything:

Angelina arrived with no makeup, no publicist, and no entourage, and settled in with my glam squad. She was incredible in front of the camera. We did the safer images that the magazine required in the beginning, then ended up shooting for hours more. Inventive, spontaneous, and fearless, she gave 100% to the camera… Angelina was the perfect combination of model and actress: beautiful and very self-aware, yet emotionally rich and expressive. When people ask, ‘What was your favorite shoot?’ I always think of this one.