Rebel Without A Cause: Curse, Trivia, And More

Warner Brothers tried to make the movie for years

Released on October 27, 1955, nearly a month after Dean's fatal car accident on September 30, Rebel Without a Cause was a groundbreaking film that portrayed the disillusionment of the post-war American teenager while attempting to shine a light on the less-than-stellar parenting of the era. At the time of its release, the film received mixed reviews, but it was a major hit with audiences. In the decades since Rebel Without a Cause careened into theaters, it's become one of the most important American films of the 20th century. Aside from garnering accolades, the film has left tragedy in its wake and inspired a series of strange imposters, all attempting to recapture its magic.  

Source: (Warner Bros.)

Rebel Without a Cause started with nothing more than a title, albeit a long one. In 1946, Warner Bros. purchased Robert M. Lindner's book, Rebel Without a Cause: The Hypnoanalysis of a Criminal Psychopath, but it took them about a decade to crack the story's code. They didn't know what to do with it until director Nicholas Ray brought them his idea for a black-and-white teen movie in the style of Blackboard Jungle. They asked him to combine his idea with their killer title, which led Ray to focus more on the disillusionment of the American teen and less on their crazy antics.