Recovered Vintage Photos Show A Different Side To The Past

By | February 26, 2018

A young Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson in the 70s

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Source: Reddit

Melanie Griffith, who was 14 at the time, met the 22-year-old Don Johnson on the set of The Harrad Experiment in 1973. They started dating; according to Griffith, she instantly fell in love with him. Though the age difference raised eyebrows, they got married in January 1976, although the marriage lasted a total of six months. By November of that year, they were divorced. The relationship may have not lasted through the 1970s, but the two remarried for a short time in 1989; during this second go-round, they had daughter, Dakota Fanning. This marriage lasted a little longer, ending in 1996. 

Young Hollywood love, Leif Garrett and Nicolette Sheridan back when they were a couple in 1980

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Source: Pinterest

Leif Garrett got his start at the age of five and started to appear in teen magazines like Tiger Beat once he started getting a lot of attention from teenage girls. In 1980, he met Nicolette Sheridan. At the time, Sheridan was a model, although she would start acting in 1984 after their relationship began. Sheridan and Garrett dated off and on throughout the next five years; during the 1980s, she would also date Scott Baio, though that relationship did not last either.