Recovered Vintage Photos Show A Different Side To The Past

A young Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson in the 70s

This collection of photographs are uncensored and expose just how crazy the past really was.

Doze into a nostalgic dream, to a time that seemed, well, a bit simpler. Learn a little something you might not have known about one of your favorite celebrities. Revisit penny candy stores and pedal cars. See some behind the scenes pictures from the films you loved. This trip down memory lane may be just what you need to help put a smile on your face, and, of course, you might learn something in the process. 

Take a peek at these beautiful, unedited vintage photos and you'll discover why they are still discussed decades later...please take a closer look 👀

Source: Reddit

Melanie Griffith, who was 14 at the time, met the 22-year-old Don Johnson on the set of The Harrad Experiment in 1973. They started dating; according to Griffith, she instantly fell in love with him. Though the age difference raised eyebrows, they got married in January 1976, although the marriage lasted a total of six months. By November of that year, they were divorced. The relationship may have not lasted through the 1970s, but the two remarried for a short time in 1989; during this second go-round, they had daughter, Dakota Fanning. This marriage lasted a little longer, ending in 1996.