For Sale: An Entire Pennsylvania Town for Only $1.5 Million

By | April 1, 2017

If you ever have $1.5M to spare, and you want a town to call your own — good news! The village of Reduction, Pennsylvania is on the market. But you have to have cash with a vision.

TribLive reports that Reduction was originally a garbage town. It was constructed in the early 20th Century as a home for employees working nearby at the American Reduction Company, a waste management facility processing trash from Pittsburgh. Today, without the trash plant and other old buildings, the town with 60 people still boasts a farmland, a single-room schoolhouse and 19 homes (some have river views).

This property was once owned by John Stawovy, a dairy farmer who bought Reduction for about $10,000 in 1948. His son Dave Stawovy inherited this and is now hoping to sell it for almost 150 times the amount. He told TribLive that owning the town meant you have to be the dogcatcher, the fire marshal and the town mayor at the same time. So if you’ve got the passion, check out the property listing here.

H/T Debbie Dattalo