Rudolph Hass, The US Postal Worker Who Invented Hass Avocados

By | August 20, 2020

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Hass avocados in Los Angeles, California on January 22, 2015. The avocado has become the United States new favorite fruit with more than 4.25 billion sold last year. The Hass variety make up 95% of all avocados eaten in the United States and 85% of avocad

You've probably never thought about the origins of your favorite avocado, simply enjoying your taco or toast without a care for the interesting and inspirational story of Rudolph Hass, a mail carrier who dabbled in botany and produced the viable, shippable avocado that we all know and love today. Shame on you. Well, at least you're here now.

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Fuerte avocados. (Koppchen/Wikimedia Commons)

Avocados, The Backstory

Avocados may be trendy now, but they have a long history that began before the first humans walked the Earth in search of a mashable fruit to serve with tortilla chips. Giant ground sloths and massive mammoths munched on avocados in the Cenozoic era and even helped to disperse the fruit by pooping out the pits along their migrations routes. By about 500 B.C., the indigenous people of Central America had begun cultivating the fruit. Thousands of years later, in the early 1900s, avocados were being grown commercially in California, but they didn't look like the avocados we see in the produce section today. Prior to Rudolph Hass's foray into the avocado groves, the avocado industry was dominated by the Fuerte variety, a large, green, smooth-skinned fruit.