The Shroud Of Turin, Jesus Of Nazareth's Negative Image On The Burial Shroud: Myths Debunked

By Karen Harris
Bishops pray in front of the Shroud of Turin on April 10, 2010 in the Cathedral in Turin. The mysterious and controversial Shroud of Turin, believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, went on public display Saturday for the first time in a de

The Shroud of Turin, a 14-foot length of ancient linen that bears the image of a bearded man, is either a sacred relic from Biblical times or an elaborate medieval hoax, depending on who you ask. If it truly is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, as many believe, it's one of the most important relics of the Catholic Church; if it's fake, it still demonstrates a remarkable level of artistry and understanding of anatomy. Let's unravel the Shroud of Turin.