Six of the Deadliest Hurricanes to Hit the U.S.

By | October 11, 2018

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Storm surge from Hurricane Michael – October 10, 2018

In the United States, as well as around the world, we see more devastating storms than ever before and they seem to be happening more frequently. 

The most recent deadliest storm, Hurricane Michael, just slammed into the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane. It has been labeled by the media as the worst storm to ever hit the Panhandle. Weather forecasters, with all their computer models, could not predict the exact path of the storm nor the intensity of it. Their predictions had Hurricane Michael coming in at a Category 3 by the time it came across land. The spaghetti models, as the forecasters call them, can never agree on which direction the storm will go. With this particular storm, many of the models agreed on the proximity of where the eye would cross over, but there were a couple that predicted it farther west, which would have affected Alabama and Mississippi. As of the date of this writing, only one man has actually died from this monster storm, though, despite the tremendous damage to property.

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Hurricane Harvey in Texas – August 17, 2017

Estimating the total damage at around $125 billion, Hurricane Harvey is tied with Hurricane Katrina as being the costliest on record. Harvey was a Category 4 that dumped massive amounts of rain (40 inches over 4 days) in the Houston and southeast areas of Texas. Just like Katrina, the flooding was astronomical with many having to be rescued by boat or helicopter. There were hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed, over 30,000 people without a place to live, and 17,000 rescues. In Nederland, Texas, the accumulation of rain was up to 60.58 in. Altogether, Harvey made five landfalls, with the fifth on August 29 in Louisiana, the 12th anniversary of Katrina. There were 107 deaths confirmed.