'Squad' member Rep. Tlaib calls for Netanyahu's arrest; GOP warns of repercussions

By Carver Malone | May 9, 2024

Ground invasion

Representative Rashida Tlaib, a member of the "Squad" from Michigan, demanded the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-ranking officials in Israel for alleged violations of the Genocide Convention under international law. 

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via Forbes Breaking News

Tlaib criticized the Israeli government for its ground invasion of Rafah in a press release on Tuesday, connecting the U.S. to the attack due to the funding it provided.

Human rights

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"It’s no coincidence that immediately after our government sent the Israeli apartheid regime over $14 billion with absolutely no conditions on upholding human rights, Netanyahu began a ground invasion of Rafah to continue the genocide of Palestinians — with ammunition and bombs paid for by our tax dollars," she said. "Over 1.5 million Palestinian civilians, including over 600,000 children, are trapped in Rafah, living in makeshift tents, without food, clean water, sanitation, medicine, or any form of shelter."