Stars Speak Out: Celebrity Voices on the 2024 Presidential Candidates

By Sophia Maddox | April 23, 2024

Alec Baldwin

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There's no love lost between Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump, two guys who are about as close to mortal enemies as you can get in this day and age. Baldwin played a less than kind version of Trump on SNL on and off between 2016 and 2020, while the former president spent those years tweeting vile things about Baldwin. Following Baldwin's tragic accident on the set of Rust Trump said:

He’s a cuckoo-bird. He’s a nutjob. And usually, when there’s somebody like that, you know, in my opinion, he had something to do with it.

While speaking with George Stephanopoulos, Baldwin responded:

I thought to myself, just when you think that things can’t get more surreal, here’s the former president of the United States making a comment on this tragic situation.

Baldwin's definitely not voting red in 2024.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

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Artists Equity, a production company established by actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, criticized former President Donald J. Trump for using audio from their movie Air in a campaign video that was uploaded online in early June 2023.

The video, which featured a monologue from the film playing next to photos and videos of Mr. Trump throughout his life, was shared on Truth Social.

This video was posted along with a request for donations, shortly after Mr. Trump was formally charged with federal offenses. The charges against him include unlawfully retaining classified national security documents after leaving office and obstructing efforts to return them. A statement from Affleck and Damon read:

We had no foreknowledge of, did not consent to and do not endorse or approve any footage or audio from Air being repurposed by the Trump campaign as a political advertisement or for any other use.