Steve Martin's Wedding Was A Surprise To His Guests

By | October 29, 2019

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Steve Martin and his bride-to-be, Anne Stringfield. Source: (

Weddings are joyous occasions. Two people tying the knot of the love they share, surrounded by friends and family---what's not to like? Nevertheless, there's always a danger that an in-law drones on and on or the best man bombs his speech in spectacular fashion. The reality is that weddings are high-tension events that can take a strange turn at any time. That's only, of course, if you tell your guests that there will be a wedding.

What happens when there's a wedding, but none of the guests know about it? It may sound like the start of a mystery novel or horror movie, but in reality, this is the actual story of funnyman Steve Martin's summer 2007 wedding

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Steve Martin in the movie Father of the Bride. Source: (

A Surprise Wedding

Obviously, everyone has heard of a surprise birthday party, but a surprise wedding? Only Saturday Night Live hosting record-holder Steve Martin would be bodacious enough to throw his wedding when only he and his wife-to-be, writer and former New Yorker magazine staffer Anne Stringfield, knew it was going to happen.

The couple first passed through each other's lives while she worked at The New Yorker and Martin wrote humorous pieces for the prestigious publication. The guest list, which was a who's who of celebrity A-listers, thought they were simply attending a run-of-the-mill party at Martin's Los Angeles home.