Stunning Transformations Of Beautiful Stars From The '90s

By | May 27, 2021

Alicia Silverstone on the set of ‘Clueless,' 1995

Take a close look at the following celebrities from the 1990s. Do you remember their faces and films? Do you remember where you were when you first became aware of them? Seeing how much they've changed (and stayed the same) in the decades since they first became known entities will make you feel like you're catching up with a long lost friend.

These rare photos show that even when people change they become more of themselves. While there's plenty of stories about these celebrities out in the world, you won't find these untold anecdotes anywhere else.

It's thrilling to see that so many of our most beloved stars are still making things happen. Here, you'll read their true stories for the first time. Look deeper into the stories of these celebrities form the '90s and see just how much they've changed.

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Alicia Silverstone was only 19 years old when she starred as Cher Horowitz in Clueless, a film that created the rubric for every teen movie that followed from the '90s and beyond. When Clueless was being filmed no one expected it to become a cultural touchstone. It was just a teen movie starring real teens.

When Clueless was released in theaters its success was a blessing and a curse for its stars, especially Silverstone. She says that the sudden thrust into the spotlight was isolating, it made her shy away from her friends and the press. Thankfully, Silverstone didn't hide forever.

Alicia Silverstone at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party

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While speaking with The Guardian about how she's changed since her time as a teen star she explained:

I think I probably missed some emotional steps that needed to happen in a normal situation of development. But I also jumped light years ahead in other ways. It’s sort of a combo platter. You gain some and you lose some.