Take A Closer Look... Magnificent Photos Capture The Awe And Wonder Of Our Planet


A young woman poses in front of a tornado in Furnas County, Nebraska, 1989

Planet Earth is a truly remarkable and diverse place. We often take the power of Mother Nature for granted, but if you look closer you'll see that even your back yard can be full of wonder and unexpected beauty. In this collection of photographs, you will come to appreciate the strange places, unique geographic features, bizarre plants, and weird manmade structures that help to make the world a place of wonder and mystery.

Make sure you take your time with each picture as there is way more than meets the eye! Just be warned, with the majority of these images the photographer captured way more than expected. Rest assured however, everything you're about to see is unedited and real.

Are you ready to see for yourself?

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No photoshop here … this young woman is really posing for a pic with a tornado. It was taken in Furnas County, Nebraska, in 1989 by Marilee Thomas of nearby Beaver City, Nebraska. In the foreground, we see Marilee’s daughter, Audra. In the background, roughly two miles away, a giant funnel cloud has touched down. Nebraska is located squarely in tornado alley, so the Thomas family is probably accustomed to twisters. Still, it seems awfully cavalier to be outside taking selfies with a tornado instead of seeking shelter. Thankfully, this storm didn't claim any lives.