The Accidental Invention of Chicken Wings, America’s Favorite Bar Food

The Anchor Bar, 2007

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? They are the perfect bar food…versatile and handy. You can order hot and spicy wings, or mild wings, and any hotness in between. Chicken wings are meant to be eaten with your hands and they are delicious with an ice, cold beer to wash them down. Chicken wings are on the menu of most casual dining restaurants. In fact, there are countless restaurants across the country devoted to the chicken wing, as well as hundreds of chicken wing cookbooks. Truly, chicken wings are part of the American culture. It is hard to realize that chicken wings have only been on the scene for a little more than fifty years and that they were originally considered a throw-away part of the chicken. That is until a happy accident led to the creation of one of America’s favorite bar food.