The Black Sox Scandal: Baseball’s Saddest Day

By | April 17, 2019

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Chicago White Sox Pitcher Eddie Cicotte, is a member of the 'Black Sox' scandal in 1919. Source: (

Baseball, America’s favorite pastime, has endured some scandals in its long history, from player’s strikes to steroid use. But the most shocking and disheartening baseball scandal of all time was undoubtedly the Black Sox Scandal of 1919, in which gamblers and organized crime mobsters recruited White Sox players to throw the World Series of 1919. Although many details remain murky, let’s see how the “Big Fix” went down…and how the plot was uncovered. 

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Gamblers’ Influence

Long before the 1919 World Series scandal, devoted sports gamblers had been paying off unhappy and disgruntled players to purposely lose a game here and there. This palm greasing was a somewhat-overlooked fact of the game. Maybe they thought that one paid-off player couldn’t have influenced the outcome of the game that much. But how about a group of players?