The Double Survival Miracle of Juliane Koepcke

By | November 12, 2018

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On Christmas Eve 1971, an airplane departing from Lima, Peru was struck by lightning and broke apart midair. The accident killed every person on board ... with the exception of one. The sole survivor was a teenage girl named Juliane Koepcke. It was a miracle that she survived the plane crash, but she still needed a second miracle to help her survive alone in the dangerous Amazon rainforest. She got it. After 11 days in the rainforest and overcoming terrible conditions, Koepcke was rescued. Most people never encounter one miracle in their lifetime, but in the span of a week and a half in 1971, Koepcke experienced two miraculous survivals. 

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Juliane was a German Schoolgirl Living in Peru

Although Juliane Koepcke was born in Lima, Peru on October 10, 1954, she was a German citizen. Her parents were zoological scientists conducting research in South America. Her father, Hans-Wilhelm Koepcke, was a biologist, and her mother, Maria Koepcke, was an ornithologist.