The Evil Eye

By | May 20, 2019

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The evil eye-a curse someone could give you by just a malicious glare. Source: (

Nearly every ancient culture has had some sort of superstitions about evil eyes and curses. The curse of the evil eye hasn’t changed a wink over the years. It is basically the belief that someone could send bad luck your way by giving you the stink eye. Fortunately, there are charms and amulets that can be worn to ward off the bad optic vibes. And even more, fortunately, these charms are a hot fashion accessory trend. Let’s peer into the history of the evil eye.

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Many cultures, including the Egyptians, believed in evil eye curses. Source: (

The Curse of the Evil Eye

The evil eye is a stare, glare, or gaze with malice behind it. The typical target of an evil eye curse is someone who is more fortunate than others or who seems to be overflowing in luck. Successful people are often the subject of jealousy and envy, today as much as in ancient times. Many cultures, including the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, and Celtic people, truly believed that an individual had the power to bring misfortune and suffering to another person simply by looking at them in a malevolent way.