The Falklands have just become the most valuable piece of real estate on earth

By Bo Beard | May 17, 2024

The Weddell Sea

As per recent testimony to the Commons Environment Audit Committee (EAC), Russia has reportedly found an oil field in Antarctica that is approximately ten times larger than the entire 50-year output of the North Sea. 

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The majority of this field is believed to be situated in the Weddell Sea, east of the Antarctic Peninsula and within the UK's claimed territory - the British Antarctic Territory. In Antarctica, territorial boundaries are more like "claims" rather than definitive ownerships, with the UK's claims overlapping those of Chile and Argentina in this region. 

Vladimir Putin

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This situation presents an opportunity for Vladimir Putin to instigate unrest, potentially making the Falkland Islands the most valuable land on the planet. Operating in Antarctica involves a mix of awe at its vast desolation and the constant need to stay alert due to unpredictable weather conditions.