The Gentleman Train Robber: The Outlaw With Etiquette

By | November 7, 2018

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Wild West bandits have a reputation for being ruthless and violent. But one old-time train robber, Bill Miner, was so polite that he earned the nickname ‘The Gentleman Robber’. He started as a stagecoach robber and his victims commented on his impeccable manners and he continued to mind his manners when he graduated to robbing trains. The Gentleman Robber may have proven that proper etiquette is important to success, no matter what one’s line of work. 

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Miner Was Born in Michigan but Moved to the Western Frontier

Bill Miner was born near Lansing, Michigan, in 1847, but he moved out west while still a teenager. We can only speculate that Miner’s parents raised their son to be kind, respectful and polite since these are the qualities that have always been associated with Miner.