The Real Story Behind The 1897 Aurora Incident: When A UFO Destroyed A Windmill 

By Sophia Maddox | June 26, 2023

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A windmill at dawn. Source: (Sharpshooters/VWPics/UIG via Getty Images)

Forget Roswell and the UFO that reportedly crashed there in 1947. Fifty years earlier, in 1897, the town of Aurora, Texas, may have had an unearthly visitor crash land there, taking out the local judge’s windmill in the process. And according to the newspaper reports of the time, it is just possible that the alien who was piloting the ill-fated spacecraft is still in Aurora today, buried in the local cemetery. Let’s examine what is known about the U.S.’s earliest reported flying saucer crash. 

The Spacecraft was Manned

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The townspeople of Aurora flocked to see the bizarre wreckage. Among the debris, they found the remains of the craft’s pilot. The body was mangled and burned, but still intact enough that the residents of Aurora could clearly see that, as the newspaper article stated, the body was “not of this world.” An Army officer even arrived from Fort Worth and he agreed that the body was that of an alien being, quite possibly, he concluded, a Martian.