The Sportsman's Friend: Television's First Celebrity Fisherman

Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Babe Winkelman, and the slew of other T.V. fishermen owe a debt of gratitude to Harold Ensley. He was the creator and host of The Sportsman's Friend, the first fishing and hunting show on television.

Harold Ensley

Harold Ensley was born in 1912 and grew up on a cattle ranch in rural Kansas, where he often ducked out of work and cut class at school to fish the local streams. His parents and his teachers weren't happy about it, but Ensley was the valedictorian of his graduating class, so they couldn't complain too much. While working as a minister with his own radio show in Joplin, Missouri, a friend suggested he do a fishing show instead. The Sportsman's Friend was only 15 minutes long and aired only once a week, but although it might seem bizarre to modern audiences that anyone would tune in just to hear about some stranger's fishing trips, he developed a faithful following.