The World's First Computer With Data Storage


Technology has made major advancements since the mid 1900’s. Many consider the 1970’s to be the first time in history a computer was created and made available for purchase. This is the first time personal computers were available to the general public, but it’s definitely not the first time a computer was built and created in order to serve the general public.

In September 1956, IBM launched the first computer with magnetic disc storage, or what is more well-known as a hard disc drive (HDD). The 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control) weighed over 2000 pounds, cost $35,000 a year to operate, and only stored 5 MB (mega-bytes) of data. It could be leased to businesses for $3,200 per month in 1957. Over one thousand of these systems were manufactured between 1957 - 1961.