Things You Didn’t Know About The Spring Equinox

By | March 19, 2019

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Kindergarten children balance their eggs on end on the Spring Equinox day on March 21, 2018 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province of China. Source: (

On Wednesday, March 20, at exactly 12.15 p.m. Eastern Time, the Spring, or Vernal, Equinox will occur. This is the precise moment when winter ends and spring begins and the moment when there is an equal amount of day and night. The Spring Equinox is celebrated the world over by people of different cultures and has been for thousands of years. Here are some things you didn’t know about the Spring Equinox. 

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“Equinox” is From the Same Latin Word that Gives us the Word “Equal”

The word “equinox” comes to us from Latin and means “equal night.” On this day, the number of nighttime hours equals the number of daylight hours. But that is technically not true. Due to the curvature of the Earth, sunlight refractions, and other scientific reasons, the balance between day and night is not truly equal on the equinox. We actually get a few more minutes of sunlight than we should. The true time when the day and night are equal happens a few days after the equinox and is called the equilux, Latin for “equal light”.