Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Turns 42, Shares Her Side of The Story

By | July 20, 2022

Tell It All

You’ve probably heard it so much, you think you know all the inside deets about the historical marriage Tiger Woods had with his ex-wife Elin Nordegreen. From their whirlwind romance to the series of cheating allegations that shadowed (and later led to the end) their marriage. However, the media eye has always been on Tiger Woods. We’ve never gotten to hear Elin’s side of the story, till today.

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Photo: Instagram/tigerwoods

For the first time, Elin speaks up about the messy scandals that followed her marriage, the messy divorce, and dealing with the blowback from her situation. She also revealed something she has been working under wraps. You’ll want to stick around for this one. 

A Glimpse of Their Story

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YouTube/Nicki Swift

Elin’s earlier life had been simple, so she aimed for a new version of her life by moving to a new country. Woods was already a famous golf player. However, little did they know that their lives would be different once they met.