Timeless Beauty: Skincare Through The Ages

By | June 6, 2019

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A detail of a painting from the tomb of Nakht depicting three ladies preparing for a feast by using skincare products. Source: (Photo by Werner Forman/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

According to paintings, sculptures, and literature, the women of antiquity were gorgeous. From Cleopatra and Helen of Troy to Guinevere and Sita, there was certainly no shortage of beautiful women from our past. How did they stay so beautiful without the Clinique Skincare line, Botox, and Instagram filters? You’d be surprised at what women used to use to keep their skin healthy and glowing. 

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The Egyptians invented makeup, but also took good care of their skin. Source: (makeup.lovetoknow.com)

The Ancient Egyptians, Inventors of Makeup

We can credit the ancient Egyptians with launching the cosmetic industry more the 6,000 years ago. Egyptian makeup was a way to honor the gods and goddesses by emulating them, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Makeup aside, the women of ancient Egypt kept their skin healthy and hydrated in the desert climate by washing with soap made of olive oil and clay, two ingredients found in trendy skincare products today. They also made face masks using honey and milk and exfoliated their skin with salt from the Dead Sea. You could say that ancient Egyptian women were ahead of their time.