Tips And Tricks Even Seasoned ALDI Shoppers Might Not Know

By Carver Malone | May 3, 2024

New stores

The budget-friendly supermarket Aldi is making headlines for its recent success in the U.S. Aldi is known for providing significant savings to customers.

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In the next three years, the company intends to launch 900 new stores throughout the United States. Studies conducted by consumer specialists found that Aldi can lead to savings of up to 33% compared to regular grocery store prices and up to 20% compared to Walmart prices. We've compiled some tips to help Aldi shoppers. 

Bakery items

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1. Amazing discounts on bakery items can be discovered at Aldi. Five days prior to the expiration date of bread and other baked goods, Aldi reduces their prices by 50%. This presents a significant opportunity for savings, especially for those who frequently prepare school lunches. Even if you miss out on the discounted items, you'll still benefit from the savings. Aldi's own brand of bread is priced at just 83 cents for a 20-ounce package, whereas Kroger's store-brand bread of the same size costs $1.19, as reported by Go Banking Rates.