Trees of the Gods: Worshiping The Mighty Oak Tree

By | July 31, 2019

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The Forest Scenery Of Great Britain Oaks In Needwood Forest, UK, Britain, British, Europe, United Kingdom, Great Britain, European. Source: (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Throughout Europe, oaks are among the tallest and strongest trees in the forests. Perhaps this is why this particular species of tree has been honored and worshiped by so many ancient cultures. From the Greeks and Norse to the Druids and Slavs, many of the cultures from Europe’s olden days have included the oak tree in their mythologies. Let's look at what makes this tree so special and worthy of worship and admiration from the ancients.

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The ancient gods have long been associated with oak trees. Source: (

Oak Trees and Lightning

Many of the top gods in European mythology were associated with thunder and lightning as well as oak trees: the Norse's Thor, the Greeks' Zeus, the Romans' Jupiter, the Celts' Dagda, and the Slavs' Perun. It seems like a strange combination of associations, but it is probably no coincidence that oak trees are struck by lightning more often than other trees. It could be that ancient people believed that lightning striking an oak tree was an important message from the chief god and a sign of a significant event to come. In all likelihood, however, it was probably the height of the oak trees and their wood's low electrical resistance that attracted the lightning.