Trigger Warning: A Journey through Howard Stern's Most Controversial Interviews


He Tried To Weigh Anna Nicole Smith

Howard Stern's name has become synonymous with shock value, and his interviews often tread a not-so-fine line between straight talk and outright audacity.

This gallery is not for the faint of heart. No, dear friends, this is a front-row ticket to the wildest, most contentious, and mind-boggling chats in radio history. Prepare yourself to cringe, gasp, and perhaps even laugh as you plunge into the belly of the beast. These are Howard Stern's most controversial interviews - brace yourselves, because discretion is definitely not Stern's virtue!


In typical Howard Stern fashion, no topic was off-limits during Anna Nicole Smith's appearance on the Howard Stern Show, and this included the model's much-discussed figure. At the height of Smith's career, she was known for her voluptuous, pin-up style beauty. But in the years leading up to her Stern appearance, she had faced cruel and relentless media scrutiny about her weight gain.

During her interview, Stern, with his characteristic blend of audacity and insensitivity, dared to go where many wouldn't. He brought out a scale and asked Smith to weigh herself live on air. It was a moment that stunned listeners and left Smith in an understandably uncomfortable position. Critics accused Stern of fat-shaming and exploiting Smith's struggles for shock value. The incident stoked a heated debate about body shaming, particularly the often harsh standards to which women in the public eye are held.