Unedited Photos That Show Just How Crazy The Past Really Was 

By | December 9, 2022

This collection of photographs and stories are not suitable for all audiences...so viewer discretion is advised.

You will be stunned by these rare photos from history that captured more than expected.

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Take a closer look at these raw and unedited photographs from past decades that show just how crazy it really was.

Try not to gasp as you see a different side of the most beloved celebrities in history!

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source: Universal Pictures

In 1983, Private School exposed the world of high school in a way that no film had up until that point. As one of the earliest sex comedies of the era, Private School followed in the footsteps of Porky's and showed that girls could be just as raunchy as boys... and boy is this movie raunchy. The film stars a who's who of young talent including Phoebe Cates, Matthew Modine, and Betsy Russell (one of the most underrated actresses of the modern horror genre).

Russell has one of the hardest jobs in the film, not only does she have to ride a horse but she has to do it topless. According to Russell she didn't really think anything of the scene, she just did it because she knew that it would be important. She explained:

I did Private School because I knew it would get my foot in the movie door. It got me started in the right direction. I knew what I was getting into when I accepted the part. I wasn't really self-conscious doing the scene because I have no hang-ups about my body... We didn't totally equate nudity with sex like other generations do. Nudity just didn't mean as much to us. My generation had a different attitude about our bodies. We were more open and less inhibited. But it doesn't mean our values or morals were any less worthwhile than our parents. In fact, my parents weren't upset by my topless scene.