University president 'grew a spine' after hit with GOP investigation

By Bo Beard | May 16, 2024

Northwestern students

Following an investigation by a U.S. House committee into antisemitism on campus, Northwestern University President Michael Schill warned anti-Israel activists of potential "disciplinary action." 

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This came after Northwestern students reportedly defaced a display of Israeli and American flags with red paint. "Northwestern’s commitment to freedom of expression does not include vandalism," Schill wrote in a statement.

Spraying red paint

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"And let me be clear — spraying red paint over Israeli or American flags is vandalism and is unacceptable," he said. "The University will investigate these incidents thoroughly, and if individuals from Northwestern can be identified, we will pursue disciplinary action." Schill's warning of potential disciplinary action followed a controversial agreement made by school administrators with anti-Israel protestors to dismantle an unlawful encampment on campus.